Landa Lynae Ruen

“ripe dandelions for the picking”

Artist Statement  


The most important part of what I do as an artist is how I approach the process,

carefully examining the basic properties of line, color and balance, giving

attention to how each component contributes to the resulting whole. The process

of creation moves me and this movement unfolds the outcome of the picture.

As I begin a painting, I move my hands without concern for imperfection,

allowing myself to be free of internal and external constraints. The first lines

appear delicate and simple. These lines are the root system of the painting, the

undulating structure that begins the process and ultimately holds it together.

From this point, I begin layering colors like thin sheets of sheer fabric, until they

form into a tangible entity. My paintings are both non-objective and abstract,

with additional emphasis on line and color. I feel that these seemingly simple

properties can form the most beautiful expressions. My art is an internal

necessity– it allows me to evoke passionate thoughts and emotions from my

unconscious and transfer them to others. During this transfer I try to achieve

genuine expression and maintain the purity of this process.


artist cv/BIO

Landa Lynae Ruen   



Bachelor of Special Studies (B.S.S.), 2008

Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA

Honors and Awards: 

* Lambda Alpha, National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology

*The Kimmel Award, given to an upper classmen who produces exemplary                                      work, especially in painting.

Art Coursework 2005:The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL


Exhibits and Publications

        Decorah Public Library, Decorah, IA

      Solo exhibition and presentation, August 13, 2012-ongoing

        Eight piece collection from Palazzo Rinaldi Artist Residency. Oil on canvas.

  Corning Center for Fine Arts, Corning, IA

En Plein Air Exhibit/Juried Competition, July 28-Sept. 5th 2012

      Two en plein air paintings, oil on panel

      American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN

       Wit in Wood: Nordic Wood Carving, Jan. 20-April 29, 2012

      Two collaborative figure carvings with painting and ink designs. Both whittled by Harvey Refsal

    Peter Paul Luce Gallery, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA

       Doug Hanson Legacy Show, Sept 18-October 23, 2011

       Show in honor of Doug Hanson, Professor of Art.

Two pencil drawings and one ink and watercolor drawing.

      Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Moganshan Lu, Shanghai, China July-August 31, 2011

      Solo exhibition following a two month artist residency

     Sixteen oil paintings, on both canvas and wood.

  Nordic Festival, Decorah, IA

  Juried; annual street exhibit July 2010

Ink designed Norwegian Dala horse.

    Janet’s Java, Alexandria, VA

Ten piece solo exhibition, beginning July 2009-May 2010

Assortment of paintings; small oil paintings on wood panel, medium oil on wood panel, large             oil on canvas

Browne Academy Coloring Book

        Browne Academy, Alexandria, VA Fall 2009

        Hand drawn illustrations for school coloring book.

Peter Paul Luce Gallery, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA

Senior Thesis Exhibition, April 15-25, 2007

110 piece installation consisting of small mixed-media collage drawings, along side raku and             high-fire ceramics.

Janalyn Hanson White Gallery, Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, IA

      Juried; Annual Area College Student Exhibit, March - April 2007

      Mixed-media collage drawing and two raku bowls.

    Chalk-the-Walk, City of Mount Vernon, IA

      Juried; Art Festival, May 2006 and May 2007

     10x10 ft. chalk drawings from original sketches.

    Commissioned Design, Luther College, Decorah, IA

    Faculty Exhibition, Summer 2002

    Two painted and ink-designed traditional Norwegian Dala horse figurines whittled by local                 artist/author, Harley Refsal.


Apprenticeships and Residencies

Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Current)

        Artist Residency, Koka City, Japan, Sept-Nov. 2012

Palazzo Rinaldi

        Artist residency, July, Noepoli, Italy, 9-23, 2012

Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai

        Artist residencyM50 Moganshan Lu, Shanghai, China, July-August 2011

SCIS Upper and Lower School

        Visiting Artist, Mural project, Shanghai, China, July-August 2010

Black Bear Pottery

        Apprenticeship, Brainerd, Minnesota, June-August 2007






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